Nobel Prize Women in Science:

Nobel Prize Women in Science:

Their Lives, Struggles, and Momentous Discoveries, Second Edition (1993)

464 pages | 6 x 9

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464 pages | 6 x 9

Nobel Prize Women in Science:

Their Lives, Struggles, and Momentous Discoveries, Second Edition (1993)

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Sharon Bertsch McGrayne

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Nobel Prize Women in Science: Their Lives, Struggles, and Momentous Discoveries, Second Edition. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 1993.

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"[an] informative and inspirational biographical collection."
-- American Scientist

"Add to the genre of books on the sociology of women in science this first-rate compendium of bios of women who got the Big One--and a few who came close. ... What's gratifying is that Bertsch neither preaches nor screeches but allows the facts--documented in interviews with and in records of the women--to speak for themselves. ... Gratifying reading for women of all ages--and would that men would read it as well."
-- Kirkus Reviews

"[McGrayne] movingly depicts their battles against gender discrimination for recognition and respect..."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Written in accessible language, free of esoteric jargon, McGrayne's narrative captures the excitement involved in the pursuit of ground-breaking research and the passionate dedication that leads to discovery."
-- Booklist

"...the book is well written, a fine contribution to the literature on women in science."
-- Science Books & Film

"The biographies are balanced and well researched. ... The accounts of the science are remarkably accurate, and the book as a whole is very well written. ... There is much to be learned from McGrayne's biographies, and they are a pleasure to read. They are written with style and are the best of their genre I have read."
-- Physics Today

"The author is a skilled interpreter of science for the general public ... Best of all, a book to read for enjoyment."
-- American Journal of Physics

"...all of us interested in science, and particularly teachers, will find these short biographies fascinating. ... The writing is skillfully done, interlacing explanations, anecdotes, and quotations. ... The biographies in this book are also inspiring, but without the sentimentality, and with considerably more candor. ... This book is good reading in terms of human interest stories. ... It should be available in every science classroom."
-- The Physics Teacher

"Skillfully told stories..."
-- The Science Teacher

"It is difficult to put this book down. ... McGrayne skillfully introduces the reader to her subjects' sciences and their individual achievements. Genetics, medicinal chemistry, and physics are described in terms that can be understood by nonscientists. ... Each of the 14 scientists become real people in these pages..."
-- Women Chemists

"'Nobel Prize Women in Science' is a wonderful book, thoroughly readable, entertaining, and educational,' states the 1995 review of this book. This excellent book is now available in a second edition which includes sections enhanced by personal interviews with several Nobel Laureates, and a new section on the latest woman Nobelist, developmental biologist Christiane Nusslein-Volhard."
-- AWIS Magazine, Summer 2002

"These women's momentous discoveries are lucidly explained, even though a great breadth of science and engineering is involved. The author is a good storyteller, and she clearly went to great pains to delve deeply into these 14 lives. Her list of references is impressive, but even more so are the large number of interviews she conducted, especially with those who could give firsthand information about the women and the significance of their work."
-- Chemical & Engineering News

"...a welcome reissue of an important book on the lives and achievements of women science Nobel Laureates."
-- History of Physics Newsletter, Fall 2002

"...a revealing look into the efforts and obstacles women faced in their access to research, and to receive approval and recognition. ... Fascinating stories of the personal lives of these women as well as their scientific work provide compelling reading. Here is an excellent gift for young high-school girls and anyone interested in science."
-- Polish American Journal, August 2001

"...[McGrayne] writes about their lives with tremendous detail, and reports fascinating anecdotes about their interactions..."
-- Journal of Gender Studies, July 2002