TCRP Synthesis 88: Strollers, Carts, and Other Large Items on Buses and Trains
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TCRP Synthesis 88:
Strollers, Carts, and Other Large Items on Buses and Trains
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TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 88: Strollers, Carts, and Other Large Items on Buses and Trains documents the state of the practice of transit agencies managing capacity on vehicles carrying customers with large items. The synthesis also includes a discussion of vehicle designs to accommodate these various large items.


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174 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

skim chapter
Front Matter i-x
Summary 1-4
Methodology 5-5
Organization of Report 6-6
CHAPTER TWO - Characteristics of Surveyed Transit Agencies 7-10
Agency Operations 11-15
Literature Review on Wheelchairs and Wheelchair Accommodation Policies 16-17
Survey Results 18-20
One Agency's Experience: TriMet, Portland, Oregon - Revisiting Wheelchair Policies 21-22
Literature Review on Segways, Scooters, and Other Mobility Devices and Accommodation Policies 23-23
Survey Results 24-27
One Agency's Experience: Metro Transit, Madison, Wisconsin - Learning Safe Operation of a Segway from a User 28-29
Literature Review on Strollers and Stroller Accommodation Policies 30-32
Survey Results 33-35
One Agency's Experience: Tri Delta Transit, Antioch, California - Creating Space on Buses for Strollers 36-37
Literature Review on Bicycles and Bicycle Accommodation Policies 38-40
One Agency's Experience: King County Metro, Seattle - Three-Position Bike Racks 41-41
Survey Results 42-45
One Agency's Experience: BART, San Francisco Bay Area - Innovations for Bicycle Access on Rail 46-47
Literature Review on Luggage, Carts, and Other Large Items and Accommodation Policies 48-49
Survey Results 50-52
One Agency's Experience: RoadRUNNER Transit, Las Cruces, New Mexico - A Different Way to Define Large Items 53-53
General Large Items and Transport Aids (Strollers, Bicycles, Luggage, etc.) on Paratransit 54-54
Other Large Items 55-56
One Agency's Experience: Marble Valley Regional Transit District, Rutland, Vermont - Accommodating Skis and Snowboards, Suitcases and Pets 57-57
Literature Review on Vehicle Design 58-59
Survey Results 60-61
Survey Responses 62-68
One Agency's Experience: OC Transpo, Ottawa, Ontario - Developing, Refining, and Enforcing Policies, and Public Outcry 69-70
Strollers 71-71
Carts, Parcels, and Other Items 72-73
APPENDIX A - Survey Questionnaire 77-122
APPENDIX B - List of Participating Agencies 123-124
APPENDIX C - Summary Tables of Agency Policies 125-132
APPENDIX D - Sample Policies 133-164

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