ACRP Report 61: Elimination or Reduction of Baggage Recheck for Arriving International Passengers
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ACRP Report 61:
Elimination or Reduction of Baggage Recheck for Arriving International Passengers
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TRB's Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP) Report 61: Elimination or Reduction of Baggage Recheck for Arriving International Passengers identifies potential alternative procedures that might be implemented to help reduce or eliminate the need for the recheck of baggage for arriving international passengers at U.S. airports.

The report describes the potential benefits and costs to airports, airlines, and federal agencies related to adopting the procedures and also compares the alternative procedures with current practices.


  • Transportation — Aviation
  • Transportation — Passenger Transportation
  • Transportation — Security and Emergencies

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140 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ix
Summary 1-4
What Mandates Baggage Recheck? 5-5
Increasing Pressures 6-6
Cost-Effective Risk-Based Solutions Needed 7-7
Research Approach 8-9
International Arrivals Connection Market 10-10
Process Flows for Terminating and Connecting Passengers 11-15
Case Study 1: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport 16-21
Case Study 2: HartsfieldJackson Atlanta International Airport 22-27
Case Study 3: San Francisco International Airport 28-33
Case Study 4: Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 34-36
Activities Before a Flight Takes Off from a Foreign Airport 37-37
Alternative Procedure 1: Exemption of Checked Baggage from FIS 38-38
Alternative Procedure 2: Alternative Procedure 1 + New Airline/Airport Processes on Arrival 39-39
Alternative Procedure 3: Alternative Procedure 1 + New CBP Processes on Arrival 40-40
Alternative Procedure 4: Enhanced Pre-departure Information 41-41
Alternative Procedure 5: Information Sharing with TSA Programs 42-42
Alternative Procedure 6: Leveraging Other DHS Programs 43-43
Alternative Procedure 7: Door-to-Door Baggage Service 44-44
CBP Risk Management 45-45
Test 1: Radio Frequency Identification Passenger and Bag Timing 46-47
Test 2: Information Sharing Between TSA and CBP on Connecting Bags 48-48
Test 3: Expansion of International-to-International Recheck Reduction Process 49-49
Test 4: Minimum Connection Time Modeling 50-51
Test 5: Simulation Modeling 52-53
Generic Impact Analysis 54-56
Solutions 57-62
Evaluation Results 63-66
Chapter 6 - Conclusions 67-67
Applying Research to Practice 68-68
A Path for Improvement 69-69
Potential Additional Actions 70-70
Notes and References 71-71
List of Abbreviations and Acronyms 72-73
Glossary 74-78
Appendix A - Connecting Traffic Analysis (2008) 79-83
Appendix B - Airport Profiles 84-93
Appendix C - Inventory of Current Recheck Procedures 94-97
Appendix D - Primer on Airport Processes and Border Risk Management 98-102
Appendix E - Technical Memorandum on Testing 103-119
Appendix F - Evaluation of Alternative Procedures 120-128
Appendix G - Industry Stakeholder Feedback 129-130
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 131-131

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