TCRP Synthesis 77: Passenger Counting Systems
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TCRP Synthesis 77:
Passenger Counting Systems
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TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Synthesis 77: Passenger Counting Systems explores analytical tools and technologies for collecting transit ridership and other subsidiary data. The report also examines issues of potential concern to transit agencies considering automatic passenger counter systems.


  • Transportation — Public Transportation
  • Transportation — Administration and Management
  • Transportation — Data and Information Technology

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83 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ix
Summary 1-6
Technical Approach 7-7
Organization of the Report 8-8
How Automatic Passenger Counter Data are Used 9-9
Implementation of Automatic Passenger Counting Systems 10-10
Summary 11-11
Why Collect Ridership and Travel Time Data 12-12
Means of Collecting Ridership Data 13-13
Use of Automatic Passenger Counters at Transit Agencies 14-14
Automatic Passenger Counting Data: Processing, Validating, and Reporting 15-17
Orgainization and Resource Requirements 18-19
Summary 20-22
Satisfaction with Automatic Passenger Counter Systems 23-23
Lessons Learned from Survey Responses 24-25
Summary 26-26
OC Transpo (OttawaCarleton Regional Transit Commission), Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 27-28
RTD (Regional Transportation District), Denver, Colorado 29-30
NFTA (Niagra Frontier Transportation Authority) - Buffalo, New York 31-32
RTC (Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County), Reno, Nevada 33-33
Metro Transit - Madison, Wisconsin 34-34
TRIMET (Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District), Portland, Oregon 35-37
Automatic Passenger Counter Data: Processing, Validating, and Reporting 38-38
Lessons Learned 39-39
Conclusions and Areas of Further Study 40-41
References 42-43
Acronyms 44-44
Appendix A - TCRP Synthesis Survey: Passenger Counting Technologies 45-56
Appendix B - TCRP Synthesis Survey Results 57-68
Appendix C - List of Participating Transit Agencies 69-70
Appendix D - Agencies and Automatic Passenger Counter Manufacturers 71-74

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