TCRP Research Results Digest 99: Improving Mobility for Veterans
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TCRP Research Results Digest 99:
Improving Mobility for Veterans
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TRB's Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) Research Results Digest 99: Improving Mobility for Veterans mobility explores issues facing our veterans and illustrates some potential strategies for community transportation providers who are interested in enhancing mobility options for our veterans.


  • Transportation — Public Transportation
  • Transportation — Administration and Management
  • Transportation — Passenger Transportation
  • Transportation — Society

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96 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents 1-2
Summary 3-9
A Roadmap for this Report 10-10
Key Facts Concerning Veterans 11-12
Mobility Challenges Facing Veterans 13-15
Veterans Health Care 16-19
VA Transportation: A Brief Historical Overview 20-20
Transportation Services that VHA Provides for Veterans 21-24
VA Transportation Expenditures 25-26
Recent Legislation and Activities 27-30
Chapter 3 - Typical Transportation Options for Veterans 31-31
Veterans Receive Services Via Nonprofit Veterans' Service Organizations 32-35
VAMCs Contract with Transportation Vendors 36-36
Veterans Use County-Provided Services 37-37
Veterans Receive Services via Community-Based Organizations 38-38
VAMCs Provide Transportation Information for Veterans 39-40
Key Specific Cases 41-54
Overall Observations 55-56
Chapter 5 - Improving Veterans' Mobility: Strategies for Transportation Providers 57-57
Misconceptions Concerning Veterans' Mobility and Their Transportation Services 58-59
Strategies for Improving Veterans' Mobility 60-64
Assessment Tools for Transportation Providers and Planners 65-68
Summary 69-71
An Important Precursor 72-72
Conduct In-depth Case Studies 73-73
Develop a Model Transportation Planning Process for Improving the Mobility of Veterans 74-74
Assess Transportation Needs of Special Groups of Veterans 75-75
Study Veterans' Transportation Programs in Other Countries 76-76
Chapter 7 - Conclusion 77-78
Bibliography 79-81
Author Acknowledgments 82-82
Appendix A - VHA's Beneficiary Travel Program: Frequently Asked Questions 83-94
Appendix B - List of Acronyms 95-96

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