NCHRP Report 703: Guide for Pavement-Type Selection
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NCHRP Report 703:
Guide for Pavement-Type Selection
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TRB's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 703: Guide for Pavement-Type Selection includes processes for conducting systematic evaluations of pavement alternatives and for making decisions on pavement-type selection.

The processes may be used for both agency-based and contractor-based type selections and may be applied to different pavement types and structures.

Further elaboration on the work performed in developing this report is available online.


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81 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-x
Guide for Pavement-Type Selection 1-1
1.3 Application 2-2
1.4 Organization and Use 3-3
2.4 Development of Life-Cycle Strategies for Pavement Alternatives 4-5
2.8 Contractor-Based Pavement-Type Selection 6-6
3.3 Development of Potential Alternatives 7-7
3.4 Identification of Alternatives for a Specific Project 8-8
3.5 Development of Pavement Life-Cycle Strategies 9-12
4.2 Establish LCCA Framework 13-13
4.3 Estimation of Initial and Future Costs 14-15
4.4 Compute Life-Cycle Costs 16-16
4.5 Analyze/Interpret Results 17-19
5.2 Economic Selection Factors 20-20
5.3 Noneconomic Selection Factors 21-22
5.4 Weighing of Economic and Noneconomic Factors Using Alternative-Preference Screening Matrix 23-26
6.2 Proposed Pavement-Type Selection Process 27-28
6.3 Selection of Alternatives for Alternate Pavement-Type Bidding 29-29
7.2 Risk Assessment in Contractor-Based Type Selection 30-33
7.4 Agency's Evaluation of Contractor-Based Selection 34-34
7.5 Pavement-Type Selection in Alternate Contracting Projects 35-38
References 39-39
Glossary 40-42
Appendix A - Alternative-Preference Screening Matrix Example 43-50
Appendix B - Example of Pavement-Type Selection in Alternate Bidding 51-56
Appendix C - Example of Pavement-Type Selection in Design-Build Operations & Maintenance Projects 57-62
Attachment - Guide for Pavement-Type Selection: Summary of Research Report 63-70
Abbreviations used without definitions in TRB publications 71-71

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