NCHRP Web Doc 2 Communication Mediums for Signal, ITS, and Freeway Surveillance Systems: Final Report
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540 pages | 8.5 x 11

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-iii
Contents iv-vi
Summary vi-viii
A0-1 Introduction 1-8
A1-1 Chapter One: Communication Mediums, Protocols, and Terminals 9-9
A.1.1 Wire Mediums and Terminals 10-62
A.1.2 Fiber Mediums and Terminals 63-131
A.1.3 Wireless Communications 132-197
A.1.4 Computer Considerations in Communication 198-203
A.1.5 Communication Networks and Protocols 204-245
A.1.6 Video Applications in ITS 246-262
A.1.7 Commercial Communication Services 263-344
A2-1 Chapter Two: ITS Communication System Design 345-345
A.2.1 Analog versus Digital Communication System 345-347
A.2.2 Theoretical and In Practice Capacity of Digital Communication Mediums 348-352
A.2.3 Repeaterless Link Distances: Link Budgets 353-357
A.2.4 Multimedia Communications Networks 358-360
A.2.5 Communication Load Analysis 361-365
A.2.6 ITS Network Architecture and Topology 366-377
A.2.7 ITS Communication Network Topology 378-378
A.2.8 Fault Tolerant Networks 379-382
A3-1 Chapter Three: Example ITS Communication Designs and Costs 383-383
A.3.1 ITS Communication Infrastructure Cost Estimating 383-397
A.3.2 Example ITS Communcation System Designs and Costs 398-436
A4-1 Chapter Four: Communication System Support 437-437
A.4.1 General Overview: Maintainability of Advanced Communication Systems 437-449
A.4.2 Reliabiligy, Availability, and Maintainability of Advanced Communication Systems 450-452
A.4.3 Maintenance Personnel Staffing 453-460
A.4.4 Spares 461-461
A.4.5 Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment 462-471
A.4.6 Life Cycle Cost Estimating 472-490
A.4.7 References and Standards 491-498
A5-1 Chapter Five: Strategies and Tools 499-499
A.5.1 Barriers 499-501
A.5.2 Procurement Policy 502-504
A.5.3 Life Cycle Cost Analyses and Evaluation of a Technology 505-513
A.5.4 Measures of Effectiveness for Communications Technology 514-517
A.5.5 Reliability 518-537

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