Biologic Markers in Reproductive Toxicology
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Does exposure to environmental toxicants inhibit our ability to have healthy children who develop normally? Biologic markers--indicators that can tell us when environmental factors have caused a change at the cellular or biochemical level that might affect reproductive ability--are a promising tool for research aimed at answering that important question. Biologic Markers in Reproductive Toxicology examines the potential of these markers in environmental health studies; clarifies definitions, underlying concepts, and possible applications; and shows the benefits to be gained from their use in reproductive and neurodevelopmental research.


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420 pages | 7 x 10
ISBN: 978-0-309-03979-6

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-xxiv
Executive Summary 1-14
1. Report of the Oversight Committee 15-36
I. Biologic Markers in Male Reproductive and Gametic Genetic Toxicology 37-38
2. Introduction 39-42
3. Clinical Evaluation of Male Infertility 43-46
4. Biologic Markers of Testicular Function 47-62
5. Biologic Markers of Epididymal Structure and Function 63-76
6. Biologic Markers of Accessory Sex Organ Structure and Function 77-82
7. Biologic Markers of Human Male Reproductive Health and Physiologic Damage 83-106
8. Assessing Transmitted Mutations in Mice 107-118
9. Markers for Measuring Germinal Genetic Toxicity and Heritable Mutations in People 119-140
10. Conclusions and Recommendations 141-146
II. Biologic Markers in Female Reproductive Toxicology 147-148
11. Introduction 149-162
12. Biologic Markers of Genetic Damage in Females 163-168
13. Biologic Markers of Reproductive Development and Aging 169-178
14. Biologic Markers of Nonconceptive Menstrual Cycles 179-186
15. Developing Assays of Biologic Markers for Epidemiologic Studies: Experience with a Marker of Pregnancy and Early Loss 187-196
16. Conclusions and Recommendations 197-202
III. Biologic Markers of Toxicity during Pregnancy 203-204
17. Introduction 205-210
18. Molecular Biology: Developing DNA Markers of Genotoxic Effects 211-214
19. Reproductive Immunology: Biologic Markers of Compromised Pregnancies 215-222
20. Cell Biology: Identifying Biologic Markers Expressed during Early Pregnancy 223-240
21. Physiologic Assessment of Fetal Compromise 241-246
22. Biologic Markers of Exposure during Pregnancy: Pharmacokinetic Assessments 247-252
23. Conclusions and Recommendations 253-262
IV. Biologic Markers in Neurodevelopmental Toxicology 263-264
24. Introduction 265-272
25. Developmental Neurobiology of the Central Nervous System 273-280
26. Morphologic, Neurochemical, and Behavioral Responses to Toxic Agents 281-288
27. Methodologic Issues of Extrapolation from Animal Studies to Human Toxicant Exposure 289-296
28. Lead as a Paradigm for the Study of Neurodevelopmental Toxicology 297-302
29. Conclusions and Recommendations 303-310
Appendix: Assessing the Validity of Biologic Markers: Alpha-Fetoprotein 311-318
References 319-372
Biographies 373-380
Index 381-396
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