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2-3 MAY 1957



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304 pages | 6 x 9

Table of Contents

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Front Matter i-ii
Contents vii-xiii
Preface iii-iv
Foreword v-vi
Opening Remarks xiv-xiv
Part I. Structure of Hemoglobin: Current Concepts of Structure of Hemoglobin 1-13
Individual Velocity Constants in the Chain of Reaction of Sheep Hemoglobin with Dissolved Gases 14-26
Discussion 27-32
A Survey of the Evidence For and Against a Crevice Configuration for the Heme in Hemoglobin 33-47
Discussion 48-49
X-Ray Analysis of Haemoglobin 50-60
Discussion 61-65
Part II. Biosynthesis of Hemoglobin: The Biosynthesis of Porphyrin 66-73
The Enzymatic Synthesis of Uroporphyrinogens from Porphobilinogen 74-83
Enzymatic Studies of Protoporphyrin Synthesis 84-91
Discussion 92-94
The Role of Iron in Hemoglobin Synthesis 95-99
The Role of Copper in Erythropoiesis 100-109
Discussion 110-110
Hemoglobin Synthesis in Vitro in Rabbit Reticulocytes 111-129
Discussion 130-130
The Incorporation of Glycine into Globin and the Synthesis of Heme in Duck Erythrocytes and Rabbit Reticulocytes 131-139
Discussion 140-143
Part III. Abnormal Hemoglobins: Electrophoretic Analyses of Abnormal Human Hemoglobins 144-153
Discussion 154-156
Zone Electrophoresis and the Minor Hemoglobin Components of Normal Human Blood 157-161
Discussion 162-164
A Method for the Characterization of Abnormal Human Hemoglobins Based Upon Differences in Chromatographic Behavior on Amberlite IRC 50 165-165
Discussion 166-171
The Alkali Denaturation Procedures 172-175
Discussion 176-178
Immunologic Aspects of the Human Hemoglobin 179-181
Discussion 182-182
Studies on the Heterogeneity of Adult and Fetal Hemoglobins by Salting-Out, Alkali Denaturation and Moving Boundary Electrophoresis 183-198
Discussion 199-200
Heterogeneity of Hemoglobin and Methods of Isotopic Biosynthesis 201-211
Starch Electrophoresis of Hemoglobin: Findings in Thalessemia Syndrome 212-214
Discussion 215-219
Observations on the Amino Acid Composition of Human Hemoglobins 220-224
Discussion 225-226
The Structural Basis of Difference in Electrophoretic Behavior of Human Hemoglobins 227-231
Discussion 232-232
The Chemical Difference Between Normal Human and Sickle Cell Anaemia Haemoglobins 233-237
Discussion 238-252
Part IV. Genetic Aspects of Abnormal Hemoglobins: Genetic Aspects of Hemoglobin 253-271
Discussion 272-275
Part V. Clinical Characteristics Associated with Abnormal Hemoglobins: Clinical Manifestations of Sickle Cell Disease 276-282
The Thalassemia Syndromes 283-286
Hemoglobin C. Diseases 287-294
Discussion 295-295
Closing Remarks 296-296
Attendance List 297-302
Index of Authors and Discussions 303-304
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National Research Council. CONFERENCE ON HEMOGLOBIN 2-3 MAY 1957. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press, 1958.

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