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Ethical Foundations of Science Collection

The scientific research enterprise is built on a foundation of trust. Scientists trust that the results reported by others are valid and society trusts that the results of research reflect an honest attempt to describe the world with unbiased accuracy. This collection describes the ethical foundations of scientific practices and some of the personal and professional issues that researchers encounter in their works, as well as recommends the appropriate training in the management of research projects in the digital age. Whether in an academic, industrial, or government setting, this collection applies to all forms of research.

Research in the Life Sciences with Dual Use Potential: An International Faculty Development Project on Education About the Responsible Conduct of Science (2012)

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A Survey of Attitudes and Actions on Dual Use Research in the Life Sciences: A Collaborative Effort of the National Research Council and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (2009)

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Ensuring the Integrity, Accessibility, and Stewardship of Research Data in the Digital Age (2009)

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On Being a Scientist: A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research: Third Edition (2009)

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