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Obesity Prevention Collection

Nearly 34 Percent of U.S. adults and 17 percent of U.S. children are obese. Those living with obesity have increased risks of disability, disease, and premature death, as well as substantial health, economic, and social costs. This collection presents a fresh perspective about the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to the growing obesity epidemic by recommending obesity prevention actions, programs, and policies.

Educating the Student Body: Taking Physical Activity and Physical Education to School (2013)

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Evaluating Obesity Prevention Efforts: A Plan for Measuring Progress (2013)

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Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention: Solving the Weight of the Nation (2012)

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Legal Strategies in Childhood Obesity Prevention: Workshop Summary (2011)

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Bridging the Evidence Gap in Obesity Prevention: A Framework to Inform Decision Making (2010)

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Alliances for Obesity Prevention: Finding Common Ground: Workshop Summary (2012)

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Measuring Progress in Obesity Prevention: Workshop Report (2012)

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Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies (2011)

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Local Government Actions to Prevent Childhood Obesity (2009)

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Preventing Childhood Obesity: Health in the Balance (2005)

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Progress in Preventing Childhood Obesity: How Do We Measure Up? (2007)

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Community Perspectives on Obesity Prevention in Children: Workshop Summaries (2009)

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