Significant Outcome by Authora




Significant decrease in dietary fat intake

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Bowen et al., 1992

Campbell et al., 1994,b 1999,b 2002b

Kreuter and Strecher, 1996

Brug et al., 1996, 1998

DeBourdeaudhuij and Brug, 2000

Siero et al., 2000b

Significant increase in fruit and vegetable intake

Brug et al., 1998

Campbell et al., 1999,b 2002b

Kristal et al., 2000

Delichatsios et al., 2001

Campbell et al., 1994b

Brug et al., 1996

Lutz et al., 1999

Significant effect on weight reduction

Burnett et al., 1985


Significant effect on exercise behavior or main effect on those not exercising at baseline

Kreuter and Strecher, 1996

Bull et al., 1999a

Marcus et al., 2000b

Bock et al., 2001

Campbell et al., 2002b

Bull et al., 1999b

Blalock et al., 2002

Increased adoption of home and car safety behaviors among parents of young children

Nansel et al., 2002b


Increase use of calcium supplements to prevent osteoporosis among persons thinking about but not appropriately performing the behaviors

Blalock et al., 2002


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