Life Skills Traininga,c

Grade: 7th–9th

Location: School

Sessions: 2 sessions/wk for 15 wks (Y1); 10 booster sessions (Y2); 5 booster sessions (Y3)

Content: Competence promotion and resistance training

↑ Interpersonal skills, knowledge of smoking and substance abuse consequences

↓ Cigarette and marijuana smoking, alcohol intoxication and polydrug use



Positive social norms; opportunities for skill building

Louisiana State

Youth Opportunitiesb

Age: 14–16

Location: School, community

Sessions: Summer, 8 weeks

Content: Live on campus, half-day in math and reading classes, half-day working at on-campus sites earning minimum wage, required to open saving account, other services provided: counseling, study skills training, health care, recreation, field trips and speakers

↑ Standardized math test scores, intention to stay in school, career maturity

↓ In reading skills, but less so than control group





Positive social norms; physical and psychological safety; opportunity for efficacy; opportunities for skill building

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