BOX 1 Summary of Committee's Recommendations According to the Three Implementation Phases of an Accreditation Process

Development of an Accreditation Program:

Pursue Accreditation Through Pilot Testing as One Approach

(Recommendation 1)

Establish (a) Nongovernmental Accreditation Organization(s)

(Recommendation 2)

Accommodate Distinct Research Methods and Models Within Accreditation Programs

(Recommendation 5)

Directly Involve Research Participants in Accreditation Programs & HRPPPs

(Recommendation 8)

Development of Standards:

Articulate Sound Goals Within Accreditation Standards

(Recommendation 3)

Establish Flexible, Ethics-Based, and Meaningful Standards

(Recommendation 4)

Base Standards on Existing Regulations

(Recommendation 6)

Incorporate Continuous Quality Improvement Mechanisms into Standards

(Recommendation 7)

Use Modified NCQA Standards to Initiate Pilot Programs

(Recommendation 9)

Development of an Evaluation Process:

Begin Collecting Data and Assessing Impacts of Accreditation Now

(Recommendation 10)

Initiate Federal Studies Evaluating Accreditation

(Recommendation 11)

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