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LSHC low-sulfur low-aromatics high-cetane petroleum-based diesel

MMC metal matrix composite

mpg miles per gallon

MTBE methyl tertiary-butyl ether

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

NiMH nickel metal hydride

NO x nitrogen oxides

NREL National Renewable Energy Laboratory

NSF National Science Foundation

OAAT Office of Advanced Automotive Technologies

ORNL Oak Ridge National Laboratory

PAH polyaromatic hydrocarbon

PEM proton exchange membrane

PM particulate matter

PNGV Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles

PNNL Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

POX partial oxidation

ppm parts per million

PSAT PNGV Systems Analysis Tool

R&D research and development

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

SBIR small business innovation research program

SCR selective catalytic reduction

SNL Sandia National Laboratories

SO2 sulfur dioxide

SPCO Silicon Power Corporation

SUV sport utility vehicle

TACOM U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command

ULEV ultralow emission vehicle

ULSAB ultralight steel auto body

ULSAB-AVC Ultralight Steel Auto Body-Advanced Vehicle Concepts

USABC United States Advanced Battery Consortium

USCAR United States Council for Automotive Research

4SDI four-stroke direct-injection

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