TABLE A-4 Schools by Doctoral Degree (n = 29)

Degree Awarded


DrPH (17)

U. of Alabama-Birmingham, Berkeley, Columbia, GW, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, U. of Illinois-Chicago, Loma Linda, Michigan, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, SUNY Albany, Tulane, UCLA, UNC, U. of South Carolina, UT-Houston

PhD (26)

U. of Alabama-Birmingham, Berkeley, Boston U., Columbia, Emory, GW, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, U. of Illinois-Chicago, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, San Diego State, St. Louis U., Tulane, UCLA, UMass, UNC, U. of South Carolina, U. of South Florida, UT-Houston, Washington, Yale

ScD (4)

Boston U., Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Tulane

DEnv (1)

Doctor of Environmental Science and Engineering


DPT (1)

Doctor of Physical Therapy

U. of South Carolina

EdD (1)

U. of South Carolina

BOX A-1 Most Offered Courses Among Accredited Schools in Epidemiology

Principles of Screening

Principles of PH Surveillance

Principles of Epi

Observational Epi

Epi Methods

Epi Theory

Logic, Causation, and Probability

Statistics for Epidemiology

Survey Design and Analysis

Techniques of Survey Research

Data Collection

Design and Conduct of Clinical Trials

Design and Management of Epi Studies

Design and Analysis of Epi Studies


Epi Analysis of Outbreaks

Genetics in Epi

Problems of Design in Epi Studies

Problems of Measurement in Epi

Epi Modeling

Grantwriting for PH

Epi Topics

Ca Epi



Infectious Disease Epi

Chronic Disease Epi

Hospital Infections

Reproductive Epi


Violence Epi

Aging Epi

Pediatric Epi

Epi of STDs

Psychiatric Epi

Parasitic Disease Epi

Trauma Epi

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