BOX A-2 Most Offered Courses Among Accredited Schools in Biostatistcs


Biostatistic Methods

Data Analysis

Research Methods

Probability Theory

Statistical Methods for Sample Surveys

Survival Analysis

Stochastic Processes

Statistical Inference

Causal Inference

Regression Techniques and Analysis

Logistical Regression

Linear Regression Models

Regression and Analysis of Variance

Time Series Analysis

Statistical Analysis of Categorical Data

Longitudinal Data Analysis

Bayesian Inference and Analysis

Multivariate Statistics

Nonparametric Statistics

Principles of Applied Sampling Methods

Demographic Methods

Biostatistic Computer Applications (SAS/S-Plus)

Principles of PH Informatics

Database Management Systems

Health Info Systems

BOX A-3 Most Offered Courses Among Accredited Schools in Environmental and Occupational Health

Principles, Practices, and Policy

Prin of Occupational/ Environmental Disease

Environmental Health Policy

Occupational Health Policy

Principles of Risk Assessment

Exposure Assessment and Control

Management of Natural Resources

Applications of Environmental Management

PH Issues in Disasters

PH Implications of War and Terrorism

Air Quality

Principles of Industrial Ventilation

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Respiratory Physiology

Air Pollution





Molecular Toxicology

Genetic and Systemic Toxicology

Transport and Fate of Environmental Agents

Environmental Sampling and Analysis

The Physical Environment

Control of Exposure to Physical and Chemical Hazards

Management of Hazardous Materials

Occupational Safety and Ergonomics

Noise and Other Physical Agents

Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Safety and Injury Prevention

Injury Control and Prevention

Water Quality

Water Environment

Water Quality Management

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Water Pollution and Health

Waterborne Diseases

Applied Ecology

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