• DOE’s Safety Case, A.Van Luik, DOE-Yucca Mountain Project.

  • US. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) Update on 10 CFR 63, T. McCartin, USNRC.

  • Long-Term Research and Development Needs and Staging, W.Glassley, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory; J.Price, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology.

B.4 Meeting 4: June 10–11, 2002, Washington, D.C.

  • DOE’s Vision of Staging, M.Chu and J.Williams, DOE-OCRWM.

  • State of Nevada’s Feedback on Committee’s Progress Report, S.Frishman, State of Nevada.

  • Nuclear Energy Institute’s Feedback on Committee’s Progress Report, S.Kraft, NEI.

  • USNRC’s Feedback on Committee’s Progress Report, M.Federline, USNRC.

  • Status on Repository Design—Geotechnical Considerations, M.Board, Bechtel Science Applications International Corporation (Bechtel-SAIC).

  • DOE’s Flexible Repository Design, W.Stroupe, Bechtel-SAIC.

  • DOE’s Long-Term Science Plan for Yucca Mountain, S.Brocoum, DOE-Yucca Mountain Project.

B.5 Meeting 5: August 12, 2002, Berkeley, California

  • Yucca Mountain Program Overview, M.Chu, DOE-YMP.

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