Recommendation 8. If an author does not comply with a request for data or materials in a reasonable time period (60 days), and the requestor has contacted the author to determine if extenuating circumstances (travel, sabbatical, or other reasons) may have caused the delay, it is acceptable for the requestor to contact the journal in which the paper was published. If that course of action is not successful in due course (another 30 days), the requestor may reasonably contact the author’s university or other institution or the funder of the research in question for assistance. Those entities should have a policy and process in place for responding to such requests for assistance in obtaining publication-related data or materials.

Recommendation 9. Funding organizations should provide the recipients of research grants and contracts with the financial resources needed to support dissemination of publication-related data and materials.

Recommendation 10. Authors who have received data or materials from other investigators that have contributed to the work published should appropriately and publicly acknowledge such contributions.

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