Available Dosimetry: Film badge dosimetry records indicate that the veteran was to have been issued badge #14689, apparently on 29 March 1954 (two days after Shot ROMEO). If issued, there was no recorded return date or exposure reading. There are no other film badge records for the veteran; however, his personal dosimetry card shows assessed doses of 0.075 rem from Shot BRAVO and 0.500 rem from Shot ROMEO (periods not specified). These assignments indicate his presence on Enewetak for most, if not all, of March.

Radiation Environments: (Reference 2)

The veteran could have been exposed to fallout from the detonations indicated below:




Peak Intensities (mR/hr)

Time (H+ hours)



1 Mar 54





27 Mar 54








While in ESTES, the veteran also would have been exposed to residual radiation from Shot BRAVO; and while in AINSWORTH, from both BRAVO and ROMEO. Neither Enewetak nor ESTES was exposed to fallout from subsequent shots prior to the veteran’s departure. AINSWORTH departed PPG early on 14 May and did not receive any radioactive fallout from the last shot of the series (NECTAR, detonated at Enewetak).

Daily doses to generic personnel on Enewetak and ESTES are calculated in Reference 2. After the arrival of ROMEO fallout, the Enewetak daily doses are somewhat greater than those in ESTES. Given that the veteran’s my to ESTES was for an unknown interval, apparently after ROMEO, his dose is high-sided by a reconstruction based on his continuous presence on Enewetak until departing in AINSWORTH.

Exposure to Initial Gamma and Neutron: Personnel at Enewetak Atoll were too distant from any CASTLE shots at Bikini Atoll to have received any measurable initial neutron or gamma dose (Reference 5). Similarly, there was no exposure to initial radiation while aboard ESTES or AINSWORTH.

The reconstructed doses from Reference 2 are zero for the period prior to Shot BRAVO (for both Enewetak aM Bikini); 0.288 rem at Enewetak. from 1 March to 26 March; 0.715 rem at Enewetak. from 27 March until 14 May; and 0.030 rem aboard AINSWORTH until detachment on 27 May 1954. Note that the reconstructed doses for Enewetak, are greater than the above CASTLE assessed doses associated with BRAVO and ROMEO (whatever their coverage dates may have been).

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