whole body:

For purposes of estimating radiation dose, especially from external exposure, the head, trunk (including male gonads), arms above the elbow, and legs above the knee.

whole-body counting:

The measurement of radioactivity in the body by use of radiation detectors outside the body to detect penetrating radiation (gamma rays and x rays) emitted by the sources.

X radiation:

(A) Electromagnetic radiation emitted in de-excitation of bound atomic electrons, frequently occurring in decay of radionuclides, referred to as characteristic X rays, or (B) electromagnetic radiation produced in deceleration of energetic charged particles (such as beta radiation) in passing through matter, referred to as continuous X rays or bremsstrahlung; also called X rays. See gamma radiation and photon.


The total energy released in a nuclear detonation, usually expressed in kilotons (kT) or megatons (MT). The announced yield includes the energy released by fission and fusion.

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