FIGURE IV.B.6 Average daily doses on USS Salt Lake City at Operation CROSSROADS, Shot BAKER (Weitz et al., 1982, Vol. 2).

target ship, the USS Salt Lake City, is shown in Figure IV.B.6. The daily doses to most nonbadged people serving on a particular support ship or boarding a particular target ship were calculated from these curves by using the onboard times that are documented in the support-ship logs. Some daily-dose estimates for particular people were based on cohort film-badge data, if available.

IV.B.3 Estimation of Neutron Doses

Estimates of dose due to external exposure to neutrons produced in a detonation (mainly for some close-in observers at NTS shots and crews of cloud-sampling aircraft) are based on calculations with radiation-transport models. The models calculate the free-in-air exposure in air as a function of distance from ground zero and estimate the shielding provided by trenches and aircraft to calcu

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