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Recommendation 9-8: States and communities should establish and implement a system requiring registration of beer kegs that records information on the identity of purchasers.

Recommendation 9-9: States should facilitate enforcement of zero tolerance laws in order to increase their deterrent effect. States should

  • modify existing laws to allow passive breath testing, streamlined administrative procedures, and administrative penalties and

  • implement media campaigns to increase young peoples’ awareness of reduced blood alcohol content (BAC) limits and of enforcement efforts.

Recommendation 9-10: States should enact and enforce graduated driver licensing laws.

Recommendation 9-11: States and localities should routinely implement sobriety checkpoints.

Recommendation 9-12: Local police, working with community leaders, should adopt and announce policies for detecting and terminating underage drinking parties, including:

  • routinely responding to complaints from the public about noisy teenage parties and entering the premises when there is probable cause to suspect underage drinking is taking place;

  • routinely checking, as a part of regular weekend patrols, open areas where teenage drinking parties are known to occur; and

  • routinely citing underage drinkers and, if possible, the person who supplied the alcohol when underage drinking is observed at parties.

Recommendation 9-13: States should strengthen efforts to prevent and detect use of false identification by minors to make alcohol purchases. States should

  • prohibit the production, sale, distribution, possession, and use of false identification for attempted alcohol purchase;

  • issue driver’s licenses and state identification cards that can be electronically scanned;

  • allow retailers to confiscate apparently false identification for law enforcement inspection; and

  • implement administrative penalties (e.g., immediate confiscation of a driver’s license and issuance of a citation resulting in a substantial fine) for attempted use of false identification by minors for alcohol purchases.

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