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TABLE 6-4 Intervention Studies of the Effect of Sodium Intake on Plasma Renin Activity


Study Designa

Nonhypertensive individuals

Grim et al., 1977

114 men and women

Before and after 2 L intravenous saline infusion

Luft et al., 1979b

14 men

3-d crossover

Sullivan et al., 1980

27 men and women

4-d crossover

Zemel et al., 1986

16 African-American men and women

2-wk crossover

Lijnen et al., 1987

10 men

16-wk crossover

Lawton et al., 1988

13 men and women

6-d crossover

Hargreaves et al., 1989

8 men

2-wk parallel

Sagnella et al., 1990

6 men and women, low sodium intake for 4 d; sodium increased by 1.2 g/d (50 mmol/d) over a 7-d period to 8.0 g/d (350 mmol/d) 1–2 d

Ruppert et al., 1991

98 salt-resistant men and women

7-d crossover

Cappuccio et al., 1997

18 men and women

4-wk crossover

Hypertensive individuals

Mark et al., 1975

6 men with borderline HT

10-d crossover

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