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pert nutrient group panels and two overarching subcommittees (Figure B-1). The process described below for this report is expected to be used for subsequent reports.

The Panel on DRIs for Electrolytes and Water, composed of experts on these nutrients, was asked to (1) review the scientific literature regarding water and dietary potassium, sodium, chloride, and sulfate to determine the roles, if any, they play in health; (2) review selected components of food that may influence the bioavailability of these compounds, as well as their interaction with each other; (3) develop estimates of dietary intake of these compounds that are compatible with good nutrition throughout the lifespan and that may decrease risk of chronic disease where data indicate they play a role; (4) determine Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (ULs) for each compound where scientific data are available in specific population subgroups; and (5) identify research needed to improve the knowledge of the role of electrolytes and water in health.

The panel was charged with analyzing the literature, evaluating possible criteria or indicators of adequacy, and providing substantive rationales for their choices of each criterion. Using the crite-

FIGURE B-1 Dietary Reference Intakes project structure.

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