• Amy Carson, Angela Medlin, Karey Williams (Moms Against Mercury)

  • Deborah Darnley

  • Richard C. Deth (professor of pharmacology)

  • Raymond Gallup (The Autism Autoimmunity Project)

  • David A. Geier (President, MedCon, Inc.)

  • Mark R. Geier (President, The Genetic Centers of America)

  • Joseph R. Herr

  • Julio Licinio (Nature Publishing Group)

  • Becky Nelson

  • Lyn Redwood (SafeMinds)

  • Daniel J. Thomasch (Orrick)

  • Lauren Underwood (Developmental Delay Consultant, Inc.)

  • American Autism Association


The committee received many accounts from parents that described their situation and their child or family member with autism, sometimes with medical histories and/or medical documents enclosed. The committee also received personal statements on the topic of autism and vaccines in general from the following people:

  • American Autism Association; Sponsored by parents of children with autism. We want you to know the truth (folder containing articles, papers, scientific journal articles, and letters).

  • Teresa A. Anderson (Immunization Action Coalition), 2004. Vaccines and Autism.

  • Trish Berger, 2004. Relationship of MMR Vaccine to Autistic Spectrum.

  • James and Kathy Blanco, 2004. Children Left Behind.

  • Kathy Blanco, 2004. Autism Increase

  • Kathy Blanco, 2004. Read at your meeting today, urgent!

  • Robert Chen, 2004. IOM—Vaccines and Autism meeting on 2/9/04

  • Alan Clark, 2004.

  • Deborah Darnley, 2004. Medical records and personal statement

  • Anne Ferreira, 2004. Immunization Safety Review Committee Meeting 9: Vaccines and Autism

  • Maurice Frank, 2004. Media freedom implications of autism vaccine dangers

  • Raymond Gallup, 2004. IOM—Vaccines and Autism

  • Michelle Gibson, 2004. Autism nine feedback

  • Audrey Hamilton, 2004. Autism-vaccines

  • Diane Litt, 2004. MMR Vaccine and autism

  • Donald Meserlian, 2004. VOSI Input for Immunization Safety Review: Vaccines and Autism…Meeting nine

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