Shuttle and Mission Operations: Requirements for Human Servicing Mission

Randall Adams, Deputy Manager of Flight Operations and Integration, JSC

Wayne Hale, Deputy Manager of Shuttle Program, JSC

Robotic Servicing Options

Frank Cepollina, Deputy Associate Director, HST Development Project, GSFC

Michael L. Weiss, HST Deputy Program Manager/Technical, GSFC

JUNE 22, 2004

HST in the Larger Scientific Context

John Huchra, Senior Astronomer and Professor, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Ground-Based Telescope Capabilities

Claire Max, Associate Director, Center for Adaptive Optics

Future Science Expected from HST

Steven Beckwith, Director, Space Telescope Science Institute

HQ Perspective on Servicing Options

Sean O’Keefe, NASA Administrator

Cost and Budget Projections for JWST and HST

Richard Howard, Associate Director for Astronomy and Physics, NASA Headquarters

Continuation of Discussion of HST Health and Status

Keith Kalinowski, HST Systems Manager, GSFC

JUNE 23, 2004

State-of-the-Art in Rendezvous, Formation Flying, and Capture

Darryl Sargent, Director of Space Systems, Draper Laboratory

Code Q Risk Assessment

Bryan O’Connor, NASA Associate Administrator, Office of Safety and Mission Assurance

Shuttle Program Risk Analysis, Baseline Requirements

Robert Lightfoot, Assistant Associate Administrator, Space Shuttle Program

Results of the Robotics RFI

Michael L. Weiss, HST Deputy Program Manager/Technical, GSFC

Video of Mission Scenario

Jill M. Holz, GSFC

James E. Corbo, GSFC

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