FIGURE 3-2 (A) Comparison of model predictions (GEOCARB III; Berner and Kothavala, 2001) and proxy reconstruction of CO2 based on a new compilation of 372 published observations (Royer et al., 2004). Shaded area = error of model predictions. Light blue lines between about 160 and 60 Ma are times of brief, geographically limited glaciations in high latitudes (Royer et al., 2004). (B) Latitudinal distribution of major Phanerozoic ice sheets (Crowley, 1998). (C) Comparison of temperature variations from Royer et al. (2004) with those of Shaviv and Veizer (2003). The discrepancy with the Royer et al. (2004) observations suggest that the model of Shaviv and Veizer is incorrect.

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