• What are the possible implications of mandates from government and business?

  • What are potential or actual consumer RFID products?

  • What are the important price points for RFID technology, including tags and readers?

  • What are other economic factors that need to be taken into account?

Panelists: Bruce Eckfeldt, Ted Klastorin, Eric Peters, Ravi Rajapakse, Sandy Williamson




Session 3: Where the Technology Is Going

Moderator: Steven Shafer (Scribe: Chris Diorio)

  • What are some of the developing technical aspects of RFID technology (e.g., blocker tags, enhanced antenna design, positioning technologies, encryption and other data safeguards, etc.)?

  • What are some of the near-term (i.e., within 5 years) expectations for RFID technology?

  • What factors are limiting or promoting research and development?

Panelists: Dan Bailey, Tim Harrington, Ravi Pappu, Ravi Rajapakse, Louise Sengupta




Session 4: RFID Infrastructure and Data Management Issues

Moderator: Gaetano Borriello (Scribe: Paul Zipkin)

  • How might database technology evolve to handle all the data from RFID transactions?

  • What are the ramifications for data distribution, networking, storage, mining, and so on?

  • What are the systems and infrastructure issues that need to be addressed to make these challenges manageable?

Panelists: Greg Pottie, Sumit Roy, Javed Sikander, Jim Waldo

Tuesday, May 11th

8:30–10:30 a.m.

Session 5: Privacy, Social, and Cultural Concerns

Moderator: Dana Cuff (Scribe: Steve Shafer)

  • How might the use and distribution of RFID technology affect personal privacy and anonymity?

  • How will the interests and rights of consumers be handled?

  • What are possible government and law enforcement uses of RFID transaction data?

  • What effects will worldwide standards and other bodies have on RFID privacy issues?

  • What are the potential social and cultural implications of significant RFID use?

  • What are the data policy implications of RFID technologies (e.g., control, access, and ownership of RFID-generated data, etc.)?

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