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tional Science Board (NSB) reports that over the last decade funding for the US academic research instrumentation and facilities has not kept pace with funding in the rest of the world.26 Nations that are relative newcomers to science and technology research—South Korea, China, and some European nations, for example—are investing heavily in instrumentation and facilities that serve as a major attraction to scientists from throughout the world. NSB recommends increasing the share of the NSF budget devoted to such tools from the current 22 to 27%.

NSB also cites reports by other organizations that point to major deficiencies in federal research infrastructure including instrumentation and facilities.27 These organizations include:

  • The National Science and Technology Council, which in 1995 stated that $8.7 billion would be needed just to rectify then-current infrastructure deficits.28

  • NSF, which estimated in 1998 that it would cost $11.4 billion to construct, repair, or renovate US academic research facilities.29

  • NIH, which in 2001 estimated health research infrastructure needs at $5.6 billion.30

  • NASA, which reported a $900 million construction backlog in 2001 and said that $2 billion more would be needed to revitalize and modernize the aerospace research infrastructure.31

  • The DOE Office of Science, which reported that in 2001 more than 60% of its laboratory space was more than 30 years old and identified more than $2 billion in capital investments it needed for the next decade.32

  • NSF directorates, which, when surveyed in FY 2001, estimated additional infrastructure needs of $18 billion through 2010.33


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