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  • Launch a large-scale program of research, demonstration, and evaluation in K–12 science, mathematics, and technology education.18 Such a program should include distinguished researchers working in partnership with practitioners and policy-makers and supported by a national coalition of public and private funding organizations and other stakeholders.

  • Help create a nongovernment Coordinating Council for Mathematics and Science Teaching that would bring together groups with a stake in mathematics and science teaching and monitor progress on teacher recruitment, preparation, retention, and rewards.19

  • Support the creation of state councils of business leaders, higher-education representatives, and K–12 educators to achieve comprehensive, coordinated, system-level improvement in science, mathematics, and technology education from prekindergarten through college.20

The United States brings unique strengths to the challenge of reforming K–12 science, mathematics, and technology education, including the flexibility of its workforce and its unparalleled legacy of achievement in science and technology. The challenge facing policy-makers is to find ways of generating meaningful change in an educational system that is large, complex, and pluralistic.


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