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  • Shield some research uses of patented inventions from liability for infringement.

  • Leverage the patent database as an innovation tool.

Tax Policy
  • Make the R&D tax credit permanent, and extend coverage to research conducted in university–industry consortia.

  • Provide new tax incentives for early-stage investments in innovative startups.

  • Provide more favorable tax treatment (expensing and accelerated depreciation) for the purchase of high-technology manufacturing equipment to encourage industry to keep manufacturing in the United States.

Human Capital
  • Create incentives for investments by employers and employees in lifelong learning, including the creation of tax-protected accounts.

  • Restructure and expand worker-assistance programs like the Trade Adjustment Assistance program so that they are more flexible and cover workers displaced by reasons other than trade.

  • Expedite the immigration process, including issuance of permanent residence status (green cards) to all master’s and doctoral graduates of US institutions in science and engineering.

  • Make H1-B visas “portable” to reduce the possibility of visa holder’s being exploited and to reduce the negative impacts on US workers in those fields.

  • Fund new programs that promote entrepreneurship at all levels of education.

  • Reform policies toward health and pension benefits.

  • Require companies operating in the United States to be transparent in reporting offshoring decisions.

  • Use procurement policies to discourage government contractors from offshoring by requiring that certain tasks be performed by US workers.

New “Apollo”
  • Gain presidential-level commitment to the proposition that sustaining and enhancing US ability to innovate is a key national priority.

  • Have the President issue a major challenge encompassing federal research and all aspects of the innovation process to mobilize resources in pursuit of a critical national goal. The candidate fields for such a challenge include energy, space, and healthcare.

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