We would ask the Academy committee to prepare its comments by February 28, 2003, so that the committee comments can be used as input to the final version of the strategic plan due by April 1, 2003. Also, we note that the 1990 Global Change Research Act requires that the strategic plans of the science program be reviewed by the National Academy. Therefore we suggest that the same Academy committee remain in operation, and report its comments on the final version of the strategic plan after its publication in April 2003.

The Academy would be requested to comment on all of the topic areas listed in the section labeled “Workshop Topics” in the enclosed announcement. Noting that the topics “Scenario Development and Evaluation” and “Decision Support Tool Development” involve technology, cost, economic and energy supply questions, the coverage of the Academy review would include:

  • Climate and ecosystem science questions.

  • Human interactions questions.

  • Control technology issues (a limited set)

  • Cost and economic analyses

  • Energy analyses

  • Public communications and education issues

We also request that the Academy comment on additional crosscutting issues in the strategic plan as well as the individual subsections. For example, is there appropriate balance between short and long-term goals, and across substantive research areas? Does the plan adequately describe linkages with the public, private sector, state/local governments, and the international communities? Is the plan’s approach to management of issues that involve multiple disciplines and multiple agencies effectively coordinated and integrated?

We look forward to continuing discussions with representatives of the Academy to review this letter, and to develop a plan for the requested Academy review.

With best regards,

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