committee’s requests for additional information and devoted time and effort to ensure the success of the committee’s site visits. The committee extends particular thanks to the NIOSH staff who gave presentations or responded to questions from the committee at its meetings or site visits, including Dr. Eric Bauer, Dr. Rickie Davis, Dr. Güner Gürtunca, Mr. Charles Hayden II, Dr. Peter Kovalchik, Dr. W. Gregory Lotz, Dr. R.J. Matetic, Dr. Thais Morata, Dr. William Murphy, Mr. J. Shawn Peterson, Mr. Robert Randolph, Dr. Efrem Reeves, Mr. Adam Smith, Mr. Ellsworth Spencer, Dr. Carol Stephenson, Dr. Mark Stephenson, Mr. Ed Thimons, Dr. Lewis Wade, Dr. Mary Lynn Woebkenberg, and Mr. David Yantek. The committee also thanks NIOSH staff member Mr. Rohit Verma, Dr. Jay Kim of the University of Cincinnati, and Mr. Edward Zechmann of Constella.

The committee thanks as well the many members of the communities involved in occupational hearing loss prevention outside NIOSH who contributed to the study by providing comments on the NIOSH Hearing Loss Research Program, making presentations at the committee’s meetings, or providing additional information in response to committee requests. In addition to the individuals listed earlier in this appendix, the committee wants to acknowledge Mr. Mark Rotariu of the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders; Mr. Ryan German, Ms. Shelly McCoy, Mr. Gregory Meikle, Ms. Melinda Pon, and Mr. John Seiler of MSHA; Mr. Ken Feith and Ms. Catrice Jefferson of EPA; Mr. Jim Maddux and Mr. Mike Seymour of OSHA; Dr. Noah Seixas of the University of Washington; and Dr. David Wegman of the University of Massachusetts Lowell and chair of the National Academies Committee for the Review of NIOSH Research Programs.

The committee would especially like to recognize the assistance of Dr. W. Gregory Lotz. Dr. Lotz served as the committee’s point of contact for the NIOSH Hearing Loss Research Program and was tireless and gracious in his efforts to respond to the committee’s many information requests and questions. The committee is also grateful for the assistance of Dr. Raymond Sinclair, who ably and patiently acted as a liaison between the committee and NIOSH as a whole.

The committee appreciates the support of Andrew Pope, director of the IOM Board on Health Sciences Policy, and Evan Douple and Sammantha Magsino, who serve as staff to the Committee for the Review of NIOSH Research Program. In addition, several members of the National Academies staff helped in the report review, preproduction, dissemination, and financial management for the report, including Judy Estep, Amy Haas, Clyde Behney, Bronwyn Schrecker, Elisabeth Reese, Tyjen Tsai, Sally Stanfield, Hallie Wilfert, Christine Stencel, David Codrea, and Cathie Berkley.

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