herein or in a letter of authorization from the disclosing Party and signed by an employee of that Party authorized to grant such authorization.

  1. All Confidential Information, unless specified in writing, remains the property of the disclosing Party, and must be used by the receiving Party only for the purpose intended by the disclosing Party. Upon termination of this Agreement, all copies of written, recorded, graphical, electronic, or other tangible Confidential Information must be returned to the disclosing Party. The disclosing Party may in its sole discretion direct the receiving Party to destroy and certify in writing that it has destroyed the Confidential Information.

  2. Confidential Information supplied is not to be reproduced in any form except as required to accomplish the intent of the Matter. 8. All Confidential Information must be retained by the receiving Party in a secure place with access limited to only such of the receiving Party’s employees (or agents or subcontractors who have a non-disclosure obligation at least as restrictive as this Agreement) who need to know such information for the purposes of the Matter, and to such third parties as the disclosing Party has consented to by prior written approval. The receiving Party must provide the same care to avoid disclosure or unauthorized use of the Confidential Information as it provides to protect its own confidential and proprietary information.

  3. Each Party warrants that it has the right to disclose the Confidential Information that it will disclose to the other Parties pursuant to this Agreement, and each Party agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Parties from all claims by third parties relating specifically to the subject matter of this Agreement. Otherwise, no Party makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to any Confidential Information. No Party is liable for indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages of any nature or kind resulting from or arising in any manner whatsoever in connection with this Agreement.

  4. The Parties acknowledge that a receiving Party’s unauthorized disclosure of Confidential Information may result in irreparable harm. The Parties, therefore, agree that in the event of a violation or threatened violation of this Agreement, without limiting the rights and remedies of each Party to seek damages, a temporary restraining order and/or an injunction to enjoin disclosure of Confidential Information may be sought against the Party who has breached or threatened to breach this Agreement and the

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