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November 28-30

Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) Astrophysics Enabled by Return to the Moon Workshop

Baltimore, Maryland

Oral presentation

Daniel Lester

December 4-6

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics 2nd Space Exploration Workshop

Houston, Texas

Panel discussion

Noel Hinners

December 4

NRC Committee on Planetary and Lunar Exploration

Irvine, California

Oral presentation

George Paulikas, Carlé Pieters

December 11-15

American Geophysical Union

San Francisco, California

Panel discussion, oral presentation and display

Carlé Pieters


January 5-10

209th American Astronomical Society Meeting

Seattle, Washington



February 19

NRC Committee on the Origins and Evolution of Life

Washington, D.C.

Conference call

George Paulikas, Carlé Pieters

February 21-23

International Space University 11th Annual International Symposium

Strasbourg, France

Oral presentation

Harald Hiesinger

February 26-March 2

NASA Advisory Council Lunar Science Workshop

Tempe, Arizona

Oral presentation

Carlé Pieters

March 12-16

38th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

Houston, Texas


Carlé Pieters

April 15-20

European Geosciences Union General Assembly

Vienna, Austria

Oral presentation

Harald Hiesinger

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