Development Collaborative on Psychosocial Care during Chronic Medical Illness.

  • Review board exams for oncologists and primary care providers to identify questions relevant to psychosocial care.

  • Review accreditation standards for educational programs used to train health care personnel to identify content requirements relevant to psychosocial care.

  • Review certification requirements for clinicians to identify those requirements relevant to psychosocial care.

  • Examine the funding portfolios of NIH, CMS, AHRQ, and other public and private sponsors of quality-of-care research to quantify the funding of initiatives aimed at assessing the incorporation of workforce competencies into education, training, and clinical practice and their impact on achieving the standard for psychosocial care.

For the committee’s recommendation on standardized nomenclature and research priorities (see Chapter 3 and this chapter, respectively), DHHS could

  • Report on NIH/AHRQ actions to develop a taxonomy and nomenclature for psychosocial health services.

  • Examine the funding portfolios of public and private research sponsors to assess whether funding priorities included the recommended areas.


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