Population and Demographics


Treatment of Parents’ Depression

STAR*D: Pharmacological treatment

Assessment of children of depressed mothers participating in a trial of pharmacological treatment for depression

Pilowsky et al. (2008)

Weissman et al. (2006)

Depressed mothers participating in a treatment trial and their children

Primary care and psychiatric outpatient clinics


n = 151 mother/child pairs entered in study



n = 123 mother/child pairs completed child assessments during 1 year of follow-up

Age (mothers): 37.7 (mean); 24–52 (range)

Age (children): 11.7 years (mean); 6–17 years (range)


37% African American

42% White

18% Hispanic

3% Other

SES: Mixed but with a large proportion of low-income

Single-parent: 56%

Excluded: Adults with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or schizoaffective disorders; adults with any medical condition contraindicating one of the study medications


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