Population and Demographics


Mother‘s Assessment of the Behavior of her Infant (MABI)

Weekly assessments of infant’s behavior by the mother for 1 month

Hart, Field, and Nearing (1998)

Depressed mothers (CESD ≥ 16) and their newborn infants

Mothers trained in hospital maternity unit followed by use of assessment instrument at home



n = 27

Age (mothers): 21.6 (mean); 15–30 (range)

Age (children): Newborn


68% Hispanic

30% African American

2% White

SES: Low income

Single-parent: Not reported

Excluded: Not reported

Parent-child focused comprehensive program

Multicomponent intervention delivered over 3 months

Intervention included day care for the infants; social, educational, and vocational programs for the mothers; mood induction interventions for the mothers; infant massage therapy; and mother-infant interaction coaching

Field et al. (2000)

Adolescent mothers with depressive symptoms selected based on predictor variables and their infants; predictor variables: low interaction scores and elevated norepinephrine, serotonin, and cortisol at neonatal stage; increased right frontal EEG and low vagal tone at 3 months’ postpartum

Public vocational high school



n = 160 mother/infant pairs (96 selected for randomization)

Age (mothers): 17.3 (mean)

Age (children): 3 months


60.9% African American

24.3% Hispanic

14.8% Non-Hispanic White

SES: Low income

Single-parent: Not reported

Excluded: Not reported


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