Tools for Improving the Quality of Aged, Degraded, Damaged or Otherwise Compromised DNA Evidence, Louisiana State University, $580,337

Y Chromosome Whole Genome Analysis Strategies: Improved Detection of Male DNA, University of Central Florida, $324,705

Research and Development on Crime Scene Tools, Techniques and Technologies

Detecting Buried Firearms Using Multiple Geophysical Technologies, University of Central Florida, $89,584

Developing Fluorogenic Reagents for Detecting and Enhancing Bloody Finger prints, Portland State University, $168,904

Electronic Finger print Development Device “Fuma-Room,” Mountain State University, $61,152

Investigations on the Use of Sample Matrix to Collect and Stabilize Crime Scene Biological Evidence for Optimized Analysis and Room Temperature Storage, California State University, Los Angeles, University Auxiliary Services, $353,449

Rapid Visualization of Biological Fluids at Crime Scenes Using Optical Spectroscopy, University of South Carolina Research Foundation, $382,394

Research and Development on Impression Evidence

Analysis of Footwear Impression Evidence, Research Foundation of the State University of New York, $350,172

The Use of Infrared Imaging, a Robust Matching Engine and Associated Algorithms to Enhance Identification of Both 2-D and 3-D Impressions: Phase 1, SED Technology, LLC, $295,247


certification organizations.47 Membership includes physicians, attorneys, dentists, toxicologists, physical anthropologists, document examiners, psychiatrists, physicists, engineers, criminalists, educators, and others. AAFS sponsors an annual scientific meeting, publishes the Journal of Forensic Sciences, and promotes research, education, and training. It also operates the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (see Chapter 8 for further discussion).48




B.A. Goldberger, AAFS President-Elect. Presentation to the committee. January 25, 2007.

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