Advertisements for smokeless tobacco, however, were common: 11 different advertisements occurred in 105 placements. The authors estimated that those advertisements for smokeless tobacco generated over $500,000 in revenue for the newspapers (Haddock et al., 2008).

The DoD-authorized newspaper, Stars and Stripes, does not accept advertising in its electronic or print forms (Douglas Doherty, Stars and Stripes Newspaper, personal communication, September 16, 2009). As seen above, the Military Times newspaper for each service may carry advertising for tobacco products as well as antitobacco campaigns and products. Individual installation newspapers vary as to whether they accept advertising of tobacco products. For example, the Northwest Guardian, the Army post newspaper for Fort Lewis, Washington, is not allowed to accept tobacco advertising (Cynthia Hawthorne, US Army, personal communication, March 5, 2009); this has been written into the commercial publisher’s contract.

Table 5-2 summarizes the armed services’ regulations pertaining to the advertising and promotion of tobacco products in military publications. Air Force Instruction 40-102 (June 2002) prohibits advertising of all tobacco products in official Air Force publications and the distribution of tobacco samples on installations, and Air Force installation newspapers do not appear to carry such advertising (Haddock et al., 2005). The Navy and Marine Corps Tobacco Policy (SECNAV Instruction 5100.13E, July 2008) also prohibits the advertising and promoting of tobacco products “while in an official capacity” or the distribution of free tobacco products on installations. The committee is pleased to see that many installation commanders do not permit tobacco advertising on their installations. The committee finds that such venues could be leveraged to increase antitobacco messages and promotion of tobacco-cessation products and services.

Military exchanges are required to support DoD policy to communicate that “tobacco use is detrimental to health and readiness” (DoD Instruction 1330.09, Armed Services Exchange Policy, Section 4.2.3, December 7, 2005) (see Chapter 2 for a description of military exchanges and commissaries). The strategic plan has Requirement C.1.6—“Develop draft policy that indicates resale activities (Commissaries and Exchanges) will endeavor to display tobacco-cessation products in areas that provide visibility and opportunity to customers who desire to change their tobacco habits.” DoD Instruction 1330.21, Armed Services Exchange Regulations (July 14, 2005, Section 6.4.3) helps meet the strategic-plan requirement but the committee notes that this instruction does not appear to mandate that tobacco-cessation products be prominently displayed with tobacco products. Instruction 1330.21 also prohibits any new merchandise displays or promotion

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