BOX 3.5

Illustrative U.S. Air Force Technology Needs for Cyberattack

A broad agency announcement from the U.S. Air Force calls for proposals to develop the following technologies for network attack, network defense, and network warfare support.1 Some of the technologies sought include:

  • Mapping of networks (both data and voice);

  • Access to networks;

  • Denial of service on current and future operating systems and network devices;

  • Data manipulation;

  • Technologies/concepts for developing capabilities for IO modeling and simulation;

  • Situational awareness that gives the operator near real-time effectiveness feedback in a form that is readily observed by the operator;

  • Technologies/concepts for developing capabilities to assess and visualize non-kinetic effects;

  • Technologies/capabilities/concepts for generating and distributing dynamic electronic target folders to include non-kinetic courses of action (COAs);

  • Processing of multi-level security information; and

  • Technologies/concepts for developing capabilities to support rapid implementation of effects-based capabilities.


1 Broad Agency Announcement (BAA ESC 07-0001), OL-AA 950 ELSG/KIS, Network Warfare Operations Capabilities (NWOC), Technology Concept Demonstrations, available at

that disguises the technique used and protecting the ability whenever possible to permit future use.”33

Acquisition policy in general terms is addressed in Chapter 6.


Army Offensive Information Operations Technologies Broad Agency Announcement, May 3, 2007, available at$File/BAA+Army+Offensive+Information+Operations+Technologies.doc.

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