SEC. 3. The area designated by this Act as wilderness shall be administered by the Secretary of the Interior in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Wilderness Act governing areas designated by that Act as wilderness areas, except that any reference in such provisions to the effective date of this Act, and, where appropriate, any reference to the Secretary of Agriculture, shall be deemed to be a reference to the Secretary of the Interior.

SEC.4 (a) Amend the Act of September 13,1962 (76 Stat. 538), as amended (16 U.S.C. 459c-6a), as follows: In section 6(a) insert immediately after the words “shall be administered by the Secretary,“ the words “without impairment of its natural values, in a manner which provides for such recreational, educational, historic preservation, interpretation, and scientific research opportunities as are consistent with, based upon, and supportive of the maximum protection, restoration, and preservation of the natural environment within the area.”

(PL 94-544, Oct. 18, 1976)

At the request of the superintendent of the Point Reyes National Seashore and the regional administrator of NPS, the Office of the Solicitor, San Francisco Field Office, in the Department of the Interior prepared memoranda on the status of Johnson Oyster Company (now DBOC) under the terms of sale of the property to NPS and the subsequent Potential Wilderness designation of Drakes Estero under the Point Reyes Wilderness Act of 1976 (PL 94-544, Oct. 18, 1976). The memoranda are reproduced in their entirety on the following pages.

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