The Charge to the Committee

The federal government issued “Disease Prevention through Vaccine Development and Immunization, The US National Vaccine Plan” in 1994. The Institute of Medicine will convene an ad hoc committee to evaluate the 1994 National Vaccine Plan and then review and make recommendations regarding an update of this National Vaccine Plan. The committee will hold workshopsa with national expert stakeholders in medicine, public health, and vaccinology to review a publicly available, draft update of the Plan. The committee will prepare a letter report of the evaluation of the 1994 Plan, and a report with conclusions and recommendations about priority actions within the major components of the draft Plan.


a The IOM Committee on Review of Priorities in the National Vaccine Plan conducted its work between March 2008 and November 2009, including five information-gathering meetings with national stakeholders in Washington, DC, Chicago, Seattle, and Irvine.

outcomes, only one of which was measurable, were offered as a basis for judging the success of the plan.

To address the first part of its charge the committee authored a letter report addressed to HHS (and published in June 2008) briefly reviewing the 1994 plan and providing guidance on developing the new plan. As the committee noted in its letter report (see Appendix D), the 1994 plan contained almost no measurable objectives or indicators, and its content was largely a reflection of then current activities of relevant HHS agencies. Given that “[c]haracteristics of the 1994 plan [made] it difficult to attribute specific activities to plan objectives,” the committee did not attempt to link accomplishments to the plan (IOM, 2008). In the letter report, the committee examined changes in the broader social, policy, and economic context of vaccine development and immunization, and highlighted several areas in which noteworthy progress has been made, particularly by federal agencies. The committee acknowledged that progress in developing and delivering vaccines has benefited from essential contributions by other stakeholders, including researchers, manufacturers, state and local public health agencies, and health care providers. Based on this review of the 1994 plan, the committee offered guidance to NVPO and its partners on key process and content areas to be considered in developing the update to the National Vaccine Plan. The complete letter report can be found in Appendix D.

This report, Priorities for the National Vaccine Plan, responds to the second part of the committee’s charge, highlighting major themes that emerged from meetings with expert stakeholders and offering a series of

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