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MAR 13 2009

Claire Broome, M.D., M.P.H.

IOM Committee Chair

Institute of Medicine

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Re: Incorporation of recommendations to National Vaccine Plan to ensure coordination of vaccination activities within the Federal government and with non-governmental partners

Dear Dr. Broome:

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC), an advisory group to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) authorized by Section 2105 of Title XXI of the Public Health Service Act, would like to offer comment on the update to the National Vaccine Plan.

As stated in Section 2105(4) of Title XXI of the Public Health Service Act (P.L. 99-660), the NVAC shall “advise the Director of the [National Vaccine] Program in the implementation of sections 2102 and 2103 of the Act, which include coordinating governmental and non-governmental activities. As part of this charge, NVAC recently adopted its 2008 State of the Program Report which includes a series of recommendations. A copy of the Report is attached A central concern of NVAC in the current conduct of the National Vaccine Program (NVP) is the need for better coordination by NVPO, particularly of federal agency vaccine efforts, and sufficient resources to carry this out. The NVAC’s four recommendations in the Report are:

  1. The NVP should be given the resources and effective organizational authority within HHS necessary to carry out its mission to coordinate and direct the vaccine-related efforts of the federal PHS agencies. Having the NVP report directly to the Secretary of HHS would achieve the needed organizational authority.

  2. The National Vaccine Plan should specifically address how the NVP will improve its effectiveness.

  3. The NVP should be evaluated regularly and its effectiveness reviewed as part of each revision of the National Vaccine Plan.

  4. The NVPO should improve the effectiveness of the NVAC based on the recommendations of the pending NVAC evaluation report.

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