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Strategy 2.1 Food manufacturers and restaurant/foodservice operators should voluntarily accelerate and broaden efforts to reduce sodium in processed foods and menu items, respectively.

Some food manufacturers and restaurant/foodservice operators are currently working to reduce the sodium levels in their food products and menu items. The pace and scope of such voluntary efforts should be continued and accelerated during the time mandatory standards are being established. Further, food manufacturers (including retailers with private label brands) and restaurant/foodservice operators who have not initiated such activities are encouraged to do so.

Such voluntary efforts at this time will help to ease the eventual transition to mandatory standards and also offer the opportunity to explore options and new technologies as soon as possible. Experiences gleaned from such activities can help to inform regulatory decision making as it progresses.

Strategy 2.2 The food industry, government, professional organizations, and public health partners should work together to promote voluntary collaborations to reduce sodium in foods.

Voluntary efforts operating under the auspices of government authorities as well as public health organizations are currently focusing on initiatives intended to reduce the levels of sodium in foods, often in concert with the food industry. Such public-private partnerships should continue during the time mandatory standards are being established. Again, the experiences gleaned from such public-private partnerships can inform the process of setting mandatory national standards.


RECOMMENDATION 3: Government agencies, public health and consumer organizations, and the food industry should carry out activities to support the reduction of sodium levels in the food supply.

The committee has identified strategies useful to supporting and enhancing the effort to reduce the sodium content of the food supply through modification of the GRAS status of salt. These strategies are directed to a range of stakeholders.

Strategy 3.1 FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) should revise and update—specifically for sodium—the provisions for nutrition labeling, related sodium claims, and disclosure/disqualifying

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