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Title Recommendations/Initiatives/Actions

Target Population (if specified)


Prevent and Control America’s High Blood Pressure: Mission Possible (NHLBI with CDC and the American Heart Association [AHA] as supporting partners; 22 states participated) (NHLBI, 2005)

Promoted awareness and education materials to help the public health community attract new partners and revitalize relationships with existing partners to fight high blood pressure

Persons at high risk for hypertension


States distributed materials to public health departments; hospitals and clinics; schools; senior centers; refugee centers; faith-based organizations; work sites; primary care practices; emergency medical service groups; state health benefit plans; and disease-related organizations, such as diabetes, kidney failure, and cancer groups

Low-SES (socioeconomic status) and minority populations


NIH Radio (NIH, 2006)

Produced a broadcast-ready public service announcement about fighting high blood pressure through diet

All Americans

U.S. Department of Agriculture and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDA/HHS)


Dietary Guidelines for Americans (USDA/HHS, 1980)

Avoid too much sodium

“Most Americans”


Dietary Guidelines for Americans (USDA/HHS, 1985)

Avoid too much sodium

“Most Americans … those who are already healthy”


Dietary Guidelines for Americans (USDA/HHS, 1990)

Use salt and sodium only in moderation

Healthy Americans 2 or more years of age


Dietary Guidelines for Americans (USDA/HHS, 1995)

Choose a diet moderate in salt and sodium. “The Nutrition Facts Label lists A Daily Value of 2,400 mg”

Healthy Americans 2 or more years of age

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