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Target Population (if specified)


Strategies to Reduce Sodium Intake (IOM, 2010)

Recommended a coordinated approach to set standards for safe levels of sodium in food using existing FDA authorities to modify the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status of salt and other sodium-containing compounds

Recommended a nationally organized campaign to educate the public about the risks of excess sodium intake and healthful food choices, build support for government and industry activities, and support consumers in making behavior changes to reduce sodium intake

U.S. population

World Health Organization (WHO)


Diet, Nutrition, and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases (WHO, 1990)

Upper limit 6 g/d salt

Lower limit not defined



Diet, Nutrition, and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases (WHO, 2003)

< 5 g/d salt


NOTE: d = day; g = gram; mg = milligram; y = years.

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