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Main Product Category and Sub Categories (where relevant)

Current 2010 Targets (g salt or mg sodium per 100 g)*

Revised 2010 Targets (g salt or mg sodium per 100 g)*

Targets for 2012 (g salt or mg sodium per 100 g)*


25.2 Meat free products Includes all meat and fish alternative products, e.g., sausages, burgers, bites, pies, en croute products, sausage rolls, nut cutlets, falafel, flavored “meat” pieces, e.g., chicken fillets, “meatballs,” all meatfree “meats,” e.g., ham, turkey, etc., including “beanburgers,” “veggieburgers,” and other similar products. Excludes bacon (see category 25.3), baked beans (category 7), canned vegetables (category 24), ready meals and meal centers (category 8) and takeaways.



0.93 g salt or 370 mg sodium (average r) 1.5 g salt or 600 mg sodium (maximum)


25.3 Meat-free bacon. Includes all meat-free bacon type products, whether made from soya, Quorn, or other ingredients.



2.13 g salt or 850 mg sodium (average r)


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