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30.1 Take away, vegetable and potato based Includes takeaway chips, curries, Chinese dishes, etc.

0.5 g salt or 200 mg sodium (maximum)


0.5 g salt or 200 mg sodium (maximum)


NOTES: Some categories have been revised and there is no equivalent 2010 target. As a result, the “Current 2010 targets” column has been left blank. There are two types of average used within the targets table. The first is a processing average (average p) and is used to account for ranges of salt levels that occur in a single product, e.g., bacon and tuna. The second is a range average (average r), which is used to take into account a range of differing flavors (e.g., standard potato crisps) or products (e.g., morning goods) covered by a single target. All range averages should be calculated on a sales weighted basis.

*Revised targets for 2010 and 2012 have been set according to mg sodium that should be present. This figure has then been multiplied by 2.5 to give the salt equivalent. The targets that were published in 2006 have not changed in this way as this is currently the method proposed in the draft Food Information Regulation for labeling salt content.

SOURCE: Food Standards Agency. Available online: (accessed October 14, 2009).

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